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UV Index

Tinting Your Denver Home

Denver, Colorado experiences on average over 300 days of sunshine per year. Seattle, Washington is said to have approximately 152 days of sunshine. Big difference! With that said, Denver area homeowners are constantly struggling with maintaining a comfortable temperature in their homes without spending a fortune on utility bills. Most homeowners spend their money on…

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Is it worth tinting the windows in your home?

Is it worth tinting the windows in your home? At Home Window Tinting Denver, we are asked this question often. The easy answer is absolutely yes! While most of us are familiar with automotive window tinting, there’s a huge gap in awareness regarding residential window film. When it comes to the windows in a home,…

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HWTD Uses CDC Approved COVID-19 Solution

Now that we all have a lot more time on our hands due to the COVID-19 Virus, you’re probably making a list of home projects that you’d like to get completed. With the harsh Colorado sun, many homeowners are considering installing residential window film to their glass. Spring has sprung and summer is not far…

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Solar Control Window Film Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch, Colorado is a Master Planned Community south of Denver. It’s considered a destination area for families seeking parks, recreation centers, shopping and restaurants. Sitting at 5,280 feet above sea level Highlands Ranch also has a hidden danger, the sun. Ultraviolet radiation can destroy not only your skin, but also your home. It can…

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Home Window Tinting Evergreen

Home Window Tinting Evergreen When the Colorado sun goes ballistic, Denverites head for the hills! Outdoor enthusiasts and weekend warriors clog the arteries of I-70 desperately seeking relief from the summer meltdown. Environmentalists will tell you that global warming is to blame and maybe they’re right. At any rate we can all testify that it’s…

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C-Bond Home Security

C-Bond I Multi-Purpose Glass Strengthening Primer and Window Film Mounting Solution We are one of only two home window tinting services in Denver, Colorado that can offer this superior residential technology. Our price is often lower than our competitors with the C-Bond 1 included! Usable in ANY film market: solar, safety, decorative, residential-home, and commercial-office.…

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Home Window Tinting for Year Round Energy Savings

At Home Window Tinting Denver, we specialize in providing exceptional energy savings window films that make your Colorado mountain home more comfortable all year long. Most people only consider window film for summer time heat and glare protection. Our Eastman Chemicals Vista Low-e films go way beyond that by helping not only keep the heat…

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Home Window Tinting Denver UV Alert

The UV index forecast for Denver is expected to exceed 11 today. Anything over 11 is considered Extreme Sun Exposure. Since the ozone layer continues to show rapid and consistent depletion we can expect many more days this summer to be in the extreme UV exposure range. The risk The risk of UV damage to…

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